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Exceptional digital transformation services exclusively for non-profit organisations

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Since our inception in 2006, we have acquired substantial knowledge and experience in the NFP industry. This has enabled us to create and refine our core products to serve our clients better.

Meet hapi, the charity website solution

hapi is our flagship web solution created specifically for charities.

As an out-of-the-box solution, hapi enables rapid deployment of transformational web technology that reduces operational overheads and improves fundraising performance.

hapi is directly influenced by FFT findings and continually seeks to tackle common challenges and capitalise on new opportunities.

hapi is a community-led perpetual solution, meaning that clients constantly receive upgrades and new features based on community feedback and requests.

The Fundraising Fitness Test

We have been offering in-depth analysis of fundraising KPIs since 2017.

During that time, we have analysed over 7 million online donation transactions reporting on over 100 KPIs related to income generation performance. 

Each year we publish a ‘Fundraising Health Report’ summarising sector trends and guiding the strategic approach for many senior governance teams.

The FFT service places Dreamscape in a privileged and unique position, whereby we can advise on the holistic fundraising performance of the NFP sector in the UK. Our findings from the FFT service feed directly into our commercial website product, hapi.


“The hapi product is amazing and brings so much potential, Everything from timescales to costs just falls into place nicely.”

Mark Flannery - Director of Income Generation


“The information provided has highlighted to the whole team the gains that can be made with actions to ensure we are retaining our donors rather than constantly working hard to attract new donors.”

Kay Carrick - Development Manager

St Cuthbert’s Hospice

“An extremely beneficial process. Not only did we receive a detailed, helpful analysis, but it was also benchmarked against other charities, which gave the data a unique context.”

Charlie Homer - Head of Fundraising & Communications

KEMP Hospice

"This project has transformed our approach across multiple departments and positioned our Hospice as a leader in innovative fundraising."

Clare Richards - Head of Fundraising

Rossendale Hospice
Meet the

Meet the team

Photo of Bernard)

Bernard McCabe


As the company Director, Bernard’s role involves setting goals and targets for Dreamscape’s ongoing success.
Photo of Danielle)

Danielle Barrett

Head of Operations

Danielle ensures optimal delivery of all products and services, paying special attention to value, quality, punctuality and of course, customer satisfaction.
Photo of Luke)

Luke Manuel

Head of Development

Luke’s knowledge and passion for technology is undeniable and his commitment to finding the optimal outcome for clients, unequivocal.
Photo of Josh)

Joshua Robins

Digital UX Designer

Josh’s main focus is to oversee the project design phase, liaising closely with clients and internal departments.
Photo of Caio)

Caio Pereira

Full Stack Web Developer

Caio’s responsible for deploying efficient, clean and maintainable code, working closely with other developers to deliver the best experience to our clients.
Photo of Illesse)

Illesse Trevis

Quality Assurance Tester

Using her eye for detail and meticulous nature, she is responsible for ensuring pixel perfection and a gold standard that Dreamscape is known for.
Photo of Jack)

Jack Kelly

.Net Web Developer

Jack’s conscientious and methodical approach to development helps him to plan and implement complex business solutions.