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Small gift donors: Strategies to increase giving sizes

Small gift donors play a significant role in sustaining charitable organisations.


However, our Fundraising Fitness Report has revealed that while these donors represent a large portion of the supporter base, their contributions account for only a fraction of the total income.

89% of gifts come from donors giving less than £100 annually, accounting for just 8.5% of income.

The question arises: How can NFPs encourage small gift donors to increase giving sizes and drive a more significant impact?

Here are actionable tips to address this challenge:

Educate and Inspire

Many small gift donors may need to realise the full impact of their contributions. Use storytelling and impact statements to illustrate how even modest donations can make a difference. Show donors how their support directly impacts the lives of those you serve, inspiring them to consider increasing their giving to amplify their impact.

Create Giving Pathways

Guide small gift donors along a journey of increased giving by creating clear pathways for progression. Offer donors opportunities to level their support, starting with small incremental increases gradually. For example, donors can be encouraged to join a monthly giving program or participate in fundraising campaigns with suggested donation tiers. By providing clear pathways for advancement, you make it easier for donors to increase their giving over time.

Target Specific Giving Groups

Segment your donor base based on their giving patterns and target specific groups with tailored asks to increase their contribution levels. For example, identify donors who consistently give £5 and demonstrate the impact of increasing their donation to £10. Provide concrete examples of how their increased support can make a tangible difference in the lives of those you serve. You can encourage donors to elevate their giving and maximise their impact by presenting clear and compelling asks.

Offer Tangible Benefits

Consider offering tangible benefits or incentives to small gift donors who increase their giving. This could include exclusive access to events or behind-the-scenes experiences, recognition in your organisation's communications, or special thank-you gifts. By providing added value to donors who choose to give more, you motivate them to increase their support.

Implement Upsells

Take every opportunity to convert single donations into recurring contributions by implementing upsells in your donation process. For instance, include an option on all single donation receipts inviting donors to turn their one-time gift into a monthly donation instead. Highlight the benefits of monthly giving, such as sustained support for your programs and more significant impact over time. By making it easy for donors to upgrade their support level, you can effectively increase donation sizes and foster long-term donor commitment.

Provide Personalised Appeals

Tailor your fundraising appeals to resonate with the interests and values of your small gift donors. Segment your donor base and craft targeted appeals that speak directly to their motivations for giving. Whether highlighting specific programs or initiatives that align with their interests or demonstrating the impact of their past support, personalised appeals can significantly increase donor engagement and willingness to give more.

In conclusion, by implementing these strategies, charities can encourage small gift donors to increase their giving sizes, thereby driving a more significant impact and contributing to the organisation's sustainability. These strategies aim to inspire donors, provide clear pathways for progression, offer personalised engagement, and motivate small gift donors to amplify their support. Ultimately, these efforts can lead to increased contributions and long-term donor commitment, benefiting both the organisations and the individuals they serve.

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