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New updates to FFT 2.0 scheduled for release in Q1 2024

Users of our online Fundraising Fitness Test platform can expect to receive three new updates during the first quarter of the New Year. Those being:

1. Adjustable year end dates 

Existing customers will know that the FFT system has traditionally based its calculations on calendar years (January to December). While the FFT system will continue to measure KPIs over a twelve-month period, this new feature will enable users to select their preferred year end month, resulting in more flexible KPI tracking. 
Whether this feature is used to tie FFT results to year end accounts, run up to date reports for important board meetings, or to measure month to progress, adjustable year end dates opens up a realm of possibilities for FFT 2.0 users. 

2. Monthly tracking of gifts and income 

In the next patch, FFT 2.0 customers will be able to access new reports within the ‘Annual Trends’ section, highlighting both the volume of gifts processed and the revenue received on a per month basis.

As well as showing total gifts and income on a per month basis, users can also dive deeper into different donor classifications giving trends on a monthly basis too. For example, analyse the gifts received and the total revenue received from donors gifting between £100 and £250, etc… 

3. Proportional Income Trends 

Existing FFT 2.0 users will know that income comes from two sources: Acquisition and Retention. Going even further, income can be further assessed through the following KPI measurements: 

  • Acquisition: Income from new first-time donors 
  • Acquisition: Income from recaptured donors 
  • Retention: Income from newly retained donors 
  • Retention: Income from long-term repeat donors 

Readers of our annual Fundraising Fitness Report will know that, on average, 44% of annual income comes from new first-time donors, 9% comes from recaptured donors, 35% comes from long-term repeat donors and 12% comes from newly retained donors. 
This new ‘Prop. Income Trends’ report will provide users with a single screen location to assess their own proportions of income gains and compare them to the industry average. 
It is hoped that this report will provide greater insight for charities looking to allocate resources between acquisition and retention strategies accordingly. 

As you know, we’re committed to continually improving the FFT 2.0 system, and your input is crucial to that journey. If you have any suggestions or ideas about how to further expand the system, or include further analysis that will help you and your team, get in touch and let us know what you need. 

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