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What can data mapping do for you?


What can data mapping do for you?

By automating data management, your team can focus on cultivating relationships with donors instead of dull data entry.


Say hello to the Integrations Manager – every data manager’s dream.

We understand a common challenge that nonprofits face is time-consuming data entry.

That’s why we have lovingly created the integrations manager: A fast and effective way to streamline critical data to your donor CRM.

How does it work?

The integrations manager securely transfers data from your hapi site to your donor CRM. Whether you have a Donorflex or Raiser’s Edge solution, you can configure the integrations manager to work with your current structure.

Those with CSV-based setups can easily export donor data broken down into event, donation and e-commerce CSVs. Then, run on a schedule you set; the exports are ready to be imported into your CRM system.

The integrations manager also offers complete control over your data mappings, where data is fed straight into your CRM automatically.

Take a look at some of the mapping options available in this short video:

Want to know more about streamlining your data processes?

Find out more here or get in touch with the team:

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