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The supporter experience blind spot in charities

The importance of understanding and measuring supporter experience cannot be overstated.

Yet, a stark revelation from Blackbaud's Supporter Experience Report unveils a concerning reality—47% of organisations admit to lacking the right tools, and a further 38% confess they wouldn't even know where to begin measuring their supporter activity.

This data gap is a potential Achilles' heel in the journey towards impactful fundraising. One powerful tool addressing this challenge is the Fundraising Fitness Test (FFT), a catalyst for transforming how charities measure and manage their fundraising KPIs.

The Blind Spot: 47% Lack the Right Tools

The Supporter Experience Report sheds light on a critical issue—almost half of organisations operate in the dark, lacking the necessary tools to measure their supporter experience impact. In an era where data reigns supreme, this blind spot leaves charities grappling with a critical deficiency in their fundraising strategy.

The Lost 38%: A Roadmap Needed

For the 38% who admit they wouldn't know where to start, it's a call to action. Supporter experience, when measured and optimised, propels fundraising success. The Fundraising Fitness Test emerges as a roadmap for organisations who need help determining where to initiate their journey toward impactful supporter experience.

The Importance of Measuring Supporter Experience

Why is measuring supporter experience paramount? It's not just about statistics; it's about understanding the heartbeat of your donors. A well-measured supporter experience enables organisations to:

Identify Revenue Opportunities: Understand where your strengths lie and where growth opportunities exist.

Accelerate Growth: Leverage data-driven insights to forecast and strategise for future success.

Benchmark Performance: Compare your KPIs to sector averages, setting realistic goals for improvement.

Enter the Fundraising Fitness Test

The FFT offers charities a fast, effective, affordable analysis tool to measure and manage their fundraising KPIs. Instantly benchmarking over one hundred key performance indicators, the FFT provides a digital dashboard display for straightforward interpretation and actionable insights.

Key Features of the Fundraising Fitness Test:

  • Benchmarking Performance
  • Identification of Growth Opportunities
  • Realisation of Potential through Quick Identification of Opportunities
  • Forecasting Future Success with Expected Revenue Gains
  • Join the Growing Community of NFP Professionals

Charities embracing the FFT become part of a thriving community of NFP professionals elevating their fundraising strategies. With increased confidence in their approach, they navigate the complex landscape of supporter engagement, armed with real-time insights and sector-wide comparisons.

In conclusion, the Supporter Experience Impact Crisis is a call to action for the philanthropic community. The Fundraising Fitness Test stands ready as a solution, towards a future where the supporter experience is not just measured but optimised for unprecedented success.

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