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The Data Management Gap: Only 18% of charities agree they have data entry rules in place

A recent revelation from the Blackbaud Supporter Experience Report emphasises a critical gap in the industry—only 18% of surveyed charities have processes/rules about data entry, and these rules are consistently followed.


Enter the era of automated data transfer—ensuring adherence to processing rules, clean data, regular housekeeping, and substantial staff time savings. The Integrations Manager (IM), working seamlessly alongside hapi, is a powerful charity tool to bridge this gap.

Why Automated Data Transfer Matters:

  1. Ensuring Processing Rules are Followed:

Inconsistent data entry can lead to chaos and hinder strategic decision-making. Automated data transfer guarantees that every entry adheres to predefined processing rules, maintaining data integrity and reliability.

  1. Clean Data and Regular Housekeeping:

The battle against data clutter is real. Automated processes streamline data transfer, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a clean, organised dataset. Regular housekeeping becomes a natural byproduct, enhancing the overall quality of your donor information.

  1. Huge Staff Time Savings:

Time is money, especially in the non-profit sector. Automated data transfer liberates your team from the mundane task of manual data entry, allowing them to redirect their efforts toward cultivating meaningful relationships with donors.

The Integrations Manager: A Catalyst for Efficiency:

  1. Streamlining Critical Data to Your Donor CRM:

The IM is a secure web application facilitating real-time data transfer between hapi and your donor CRM system. Automation takes centre stage, reducing the burden of manual data processing.

  1. Improving Stewardship Processes:

Donor registrations and gifts are critical touchpoints in your relationship with supporters. The IM accelerates stewardship processes by automating data management, enhancing retention KPIs and ensuring donors feel valued.

  1. Enhancing Data Quality and Consistency:

Consistency is key in data management. The IM eliminates the need for manual processing and ensures the quality and consistency of donor data, contributing to a robust and reliable database.

  1. Cost Reduction for Increased Donor Value:

Efficiency doesn't just save time; it saves money. By replacing manual processes with automated data transfer, the IM reduces the cost of gifts, ultimately increasing their overall value for your cause.

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