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So, what's so special about hapi?

A new way of thinking about charity websites


In modern fundraising, having a robust digital strategy is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. There are countless opportunities to leverage technology to maximise impact and streamline operations. This is where hapi comes into play—a new way of thinking about websites designed specifically for the non-profit sector.

At its core, hapi is more than just a website builder; it's a comprehensive fundraising suite tailored to meet the unique needs of charities looking to elevate their online presence. Loaded with functionality and designed for ease of use, hapi accelerates projects through a simple configure-and-launch process, putting you in the driver's seat of your digital strategy without requiring coding knowledge or developer input.

So, what sets hapi apart from other website solutions?

Raising Retention: Retention is critical for ensuring stable and sustainable income. This is where hapi's automation suite shines. It allows you to create engaging and personalised stewardship sequences that enhance the donor experience, demonstrate genuine gratitude, segment donors based on giving, and allow for recapture communications. These features are designed to boost your retention rates and ensure a steady flow of support.

Saving Time & Money: Manual processing of donor registrations, gifts, and event bookings can drain resources. Hapi streamlines these processes with customisable CRM integrations through secure APIs or import-ready CSVs, working with numerous Donor Management Systems. This automates data management, ensures accurate data, and frees up valuable time and resources.

Complete Control: With hapi, you can control your supporter touchpoints. From enhancing user experiences and improving signposting to optimising gift values and increasing gift aid collections and consent, hapi empowers you to maximise the impact of every step.

Making Events Hassle-Free: Coordinating events can be a logistical burden, but not with hapi. The events suite takes care of the entire booking process, from registration to payment, allowing you to focus on delivering memorable experiences for your supporters. Utilise features such as group bookings, dedication and campaign events, add-on donations, event merchandise, registration bar codes and more to create custom events for your charity's needs.  

Empowering Content Creation: Your fundraising and marketing teams deserve tools to encourage creativity and efficiency. Hapi's drag-and-drop page builder and wealth of customisable widgets make publishing engaging, transaction-ready, fully branded content a breeze. Add quick donation widgets to any page or embed them into your site navigation. Use illustrative calls to action to direct supporters or galleries to showcase your event images. The possibilities are endless.

Quick Launch: Time is of the essence in the digital world, and we understand that. As a turnkey solution, hapi is ready to deploy in just a few weeks, reducing project overheads and getting your digital transformation journey off to a flying start. There's no need for a lengthy build time spanning half a year, and most hapi sites select a go-live date in just ten weeks.

Budget Control and Scalability: One of the unique advantages of hapi lies in its optional modules, which expand your fundraising capabilities and offer precise budget control. These modules allow you to start with the features you need and scale up as your fundraising needs and charity grow. Whether you're looking to enhance event management, launch an eCommerce store, or implement peer-to-peer fundraising, hapi's modular approach ensures that you can adapt and evolve your digital strategy according to your budget and fundraising goals.

Don't just take our word for it:

"I've been thoroughly impressed by their levels of support and capabilities. Highly recommended!" – The Hospice of St Francis
"We're lucky to have such a dedicated and committed digital partner specialising in our sector." – Accord Hospice
"In less than 12 months, our new website has delivered a demonstrable return on investment." – The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

If you're ready to take your charity's digital strategy to the next level, look no further than hapi. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and unwavering support, hapi is more than just a website builder—it's your partner in driving meaningful change. Join the growing community of non-profit organisations harnessing the power of hapi and unlock your charity's full potential online.

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