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Remembering loved ones with Tribute in Memory Giving

Tribute in memory donations is a meaningful way for donors to honour loved ones while supporting causes close to their hearts


Today, as charities navigate evolving donor expectations and technological advancements, the launch of hapi's new tribute module heralds a significant step forward in maximising the potential of these heartfelt contributions.

Why Tribute Giving Matters

Tribute donations are more than just a way for donors to memorialise loved ones. They create a lasting legacy of support for your charity, providing vital financial support and deepening relationships with donors on an emotional level. This fosters long-term engagement and loyalty, a key benefit for any charity.

By embracing tribute in memory giving, charities can:

  • Strengthen Donor Relationships: Engage donors personally, honouring their loved ones and demonstrating appreciation for their support.
  • Expand Fundraising Opportunities: Tap into new sources of revenue through dedicated tribute campaigns and events, diversifying funding streams.
  • Enhance Visibility and Reach: Empower supporters to fundraiser on your behalf to amplify the impact of tribute donations and attract new supporters.
  • Drive Long-Term Sustainability: Build a foundation of loyal donors who are committed to your cause and inspired by the meaningful impact of tribute giving.

Introducing hapi's New Tribute Module

We've developed a tribute module that stands out from the rest. Our newly launched tribute module is not just another tool but a comprehensive solution designed to empower charities and fundraisers with advanced features that enhance donor experience and operational efficiency:

  • No Third Parties Required: Keep transactions direct and secure, maintain full control over donor interactions, and retain donors on your website.
  • Onsite Supporter Accounts: Provide donors with personalised accounts to manage their tribute contributions and engagement with your cause.
  • Direct Capture of Patron Data: Gain valuable insights into donor preferences and behaviour, enabling targeted outreach and personalised stewardship.
  • Seamless Data Integrations: Integrate tribute donation data effortlessly into your existing systems for streamlined operations and comprehensive reporting.
  • Gift Collection and Reporting: Simplify collecting and acknowledging tribute donations while maintaining transparency and accountability.
  • Directory and Search Capabilities: These capabilities enable donors to easily locate and contribute to specific tributes, enhancing accessibility and donor engagement.
  • Patron Messaging: Facilitate meaningful communication between donors, recipients, and your organisation, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

The launch of hapi's tribute module empowers charities and fundraisers with the tools needed to cultivate deeper donor relationships and drive sustainable impact.

Your charity has the opportunity to harness tribute in memory giving, ensuring that every contribution leaves a lasting legacy of compassion and support.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover how hapi can help you unlock the full potential of tribute in memory giving. Together, we can create meaningful connections that inspire generosity.

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