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New hapi site launched: St. Rocco's Hospice

Revolutionising St. Rocco's Hospice's Online Presence


We are thrilled to unveil our collaboration with St Roccos Hospice and their remarkable digital transformation journey.

Witness the extraordinary impact of our hapi platform on revolutionising their online presence and elevating their fundraising efforts.

With the launch of their brand new hapi-powered website, St Roccos Hospice has experienced a profound transformation, unlocking a world of possibilities. Let's explore how hapi empowered St Roccos Hospice to achieve remarkable outcomes:

Streamlined event setup saving valuable time
With hapi, St Roccos Hospice now seamlessly configures their own events in a matter of minutes. This time-saving feature enables them to focus more on their core mission of providing compassionate care.

🎯 Driving focused donations with intuitive widgets
Harnessing the power of intuitive widgets, St Roccos Hospice can run multiple appeals and campaigns simultaneously. By sharing compelling stories and engaging their donors, they effortlessly drive focused donations and cultivate thriving donor relationships.

🌻 Hosting dedication events to honour loved ones
The introduction of dedication events on their hapi site has provided a meaningful way for donors to honour their loved ones. By donating in memory and expressing their appreciation for the hospice's vital work, St Roccos Hospice creates a lasting impact in the community.

✉️ Automating stewardship emails for personalised engagement
St Roccos Hospice leverages the email workflow suite, automating their follow-up communications with donors. This personalised engagement enhances the stewardship experience, deepens donor relationships, and improves retention rates.

🔗 Instant reporting and CRM-ready CSV exports for efficiency and informed decision-making
Through the integration of donorflex and DataStream, St Roccos Hospice gains instant access to comprehensive reports and CRM-ready CSV exports. This powerful combination eliminates time-consuming data entry and empowers informed decision-making for their fundraising efforts.

"We are delighted by the look, ease of navigation and independence the system offers. We are very much looking forward to developing our site further along with hapi"

CEO Sonya Currey

St Roccos Hospice's new website, powered by hapi, represents a transformative leap forward in their mission to provide compassionate care to those in need.

We invite you to join us in celebrating their remarkable success and be inspired by the possibilities of tailored strategies and innovative technology in making a difference:

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