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My Journey as a Donor: Navigating the Landscape of Giving

In a world where charitable giving has become increasingly digitised, platforms like JustGiving play a crucial role in connecting donors with the causes they care about.

This article delves into my personal donor experience with JustGiving, shedding light on both positive aspects and areas for improvement.

The journey began with friends signing up for a charity event, motivated by the desire to support a charity that was making a difference in the lives of people we knew, so supporting them was a no-brainer.  Little did I know this journey would lead me to question the dynamics of online giving platforms and the essence of donor stewardship.

Creating a team and individual fundraising pages on JustGiving was a seamless process for them.  As a donor, the experience was also straightforward, yet a particular aspect caught my attention - the automatic addition of a tip by JustGiving.  Being familiar with industry practices, I promptly removed the tip, as I understood where this tip was headed—it wasn't bound for the charity.  Which then raised questions about the transparency of such practices for donors less acquainted with the intricacies.

Glowing reviews painted a picture of seamless giving experiences.  Yet, with a single click, many one-star ratings unfolded—a chorus of voices echoing my own sentiment.  How many well-meaning donors had unwittingly padded JustGiving's pockets instead of their intended charities?

After making my donation, I awaited some acknowledgement from the charity—a simple "thank you" would have sufficed.  Instead, all I received was a payment receipt from JustGiving.

Weeks passed, and still, silence from the charity persisted.  It wasn't until I prodded my friend about the event that I gained some insight into their experience.  The event itself was a triumph—meticulously organised, brimming with camaraderie.  But the post-event communications?  Non-existent.  No thank-you emails, updates on funds raised, or photos capturing the day's spirit. 

It felt as though the charity had cast its donors aside once the event wrapped up.  But was it a deliberate oversight, or did they lack the necessary data to reach out and communicate with their supporters?

Reflecting on this experience, I realised a glaring gap still exists in the charitable landscape.  While charities excel at rallying participants and creating remarkable events, many fall short when it comes to donor stewardship.  Hindered by third-party platforms, they struggle to foster meaningful relationships with their supporters beyond the initial donation.

With 88.5% of all donations processed by charities being for small amounts, typically £10, we've invested two years reshaping our mission, pouring every ounce of our being into building Hapi. While we may not boast the clout of JustGiving, our passion lies in empowering charities with the tools essential for success. 

In your journey with Hapi, charities receive a platform and a companion.  With personalised 121 support, we guide you in constructing a fundraising suite of automation for stewardship and seamlessly integrating data into your CRM.

As the charitable landscape evolves, my experience with JustGiving served as a poignant reminder of the untapped potential for improvement in donor stewardship.  As we forge ahead with hapi, our mission remains clear – to empower charities with the tools they need for sustained success, ensuring that every donor, no matter how small, feels seen, acknowledged, and appreciated on their journey of giving.