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Enhance your website's potential

Expanding the fundraising functionality on your existing website

Can you access advanced fundraising, event, and data functionality while keeping your current platform?

The answer is yes.

If you are looking to boost retention, streamline events and fast-track donor data but aren't looking to move away from your current website, the latest advancements in donor technology may be the answer. Or are you already working on your new site? Not a problem, as hapilite can be plugged in during any point in the website lifecycle.

Implemented in as little as three weeks, hapilite injects seamlessly into your current web platform so there's no need for the hefty time and cost investments of starting from scratch. Keep the website design within the marketing team and add on a fundraising suite that meets all your needs.

Our upcoming feature will ensure a seamless user experience where donors remain on your website – no redirects or external platforms taking donors away from your site. Utilising javascript APIs, supporters won't notice a difference as hapilite integrates into your website, retaining your branding and preventing donor drop-offs. We're very excited about this new feature - coming soon!

This hapilite technology will give you access to and complete control over streamlined donation processes and a dynamic online event booking engine, where all your data is automatically synchronised to your donor CRM.

You will have access to fundraising functionality directly on your site, allowing you to offer dedication donations and events, tribute in memory donations and even peer-to-peer fundraising. Ensure your processes and data remain centralised, reducing overheads, as supporters can set up their own fundraising pages directly from your current website. Now, you can not only obtain consent and communicate with your direct donors but also second-degree donors who donate to peer-to-peer fundraising.

Hapilite also comes with email and automation capabilities, allowing you to communicate and deliver excellent stewardship with ease. Create your segments, add personalisation, and convey gratitude without burdening staff time.

As a bonus, you can keep everything centralised and branded, keeping your charity at the forefront of your donor's mind with complete control over the From: address. Meaning emails and automation sent from hapilite will come directly from your email addresses – no more external email senders where your emails can slip through the net.

The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Full suite of fundraising technology at your fingertips
  • Improved user experience as users aren't taken off to external platforms with our upcoming javascript feature – more information coming soon!
  • No hidden fees or cuts taken – just a low upfront cost
  • Secure data integration, taking the pressure off manual data entry
  • Improved donation and retention rates
  • Quick turnaround in as little as three weeks
  • Can be implemented into any CMS or web platform
  • New upcoming feature: event barcode scanner. Reduce all of your third-party subscriptions into one full fundraising suite.

Hapilite could be the solution you've been looking for. Interested?

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