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Drowning in donor data?

The road ahead for mass-volume, low-value gifts


In the dynamic world of charity fundraising, every minute and pound matters. For nonprofit organisations, their mission relies heavily on financial sustainability.

However, this alarming statistic should give the charity sector pause: In 2022, a staggering 89% of donations processed accounted for just 9.2% of revenue.

This finding raises a crucial question: How can NFPs optimise fundraising efforts to ensure their energy and resources make the most significant impact possible?

The Efficiency Conundrum:

It is a familiar sight within the charity sector—dedicated fundraising teams tirelessly process countless donations, no matter how small. Yet, despite their unwavering commitment, the return on investment remains disproportionately low. While these smaller donations are essential and demonstrate the support of a broad donor base, they consume an inordinate amount of time and effort.

The Challenge of Mass-Volume, Low-Value Gifts:

The reality is that a substantial portion of fundraising teams' time is consumed by the laborious task of processing donations that, individually, contribute only minimally to the organisation's annual income. In other words, fundraising teams spend 89% of their time producing less than 10% of the yearly income. While the intention behind these gifts is undoubtedly sincere and valuable, the sheer volume of these transactions can overwhelm even the most dedicated teams.

Automation: The Solution to Efficiency: In the wake of these statistics, it becomes abundantly clear that a transformative approach is needed. Enter automation: a must-have for charities striving to streamline operations and maximise impact.

Streamlined Financial Transactions: Tools like hapi's automation and integration options can drastically reduce the manual labour involved in processing donations, freeing up valuable time that you can redirect towards more strategic tasks.

Donor Care and Engagement: Automation doesn't stop at financial transactions; it also extends to donor care strategies. Tailored automated responses and acknowledgements can ensure that every donor feels appreciated and valued regardless of the gift's size.

Resource Reallocation: With automation in place, charities can reallocate their human resources to focus on high-value relationships and major gift cultivation. This shift in strategy can lead to more substantial financial gains.

The Road Ahead:

The need for mass-volume, low-value gift processing efficiency is not merely a matter of convenience—it's a critical factor in sustaining and expanding the invaluable work carried out by charitable organisations. As the charity sector evolves, you must adapt to ensure your resources are channelled efficiently.

Embracing automation is not about depersonalising the donor experience; instead, it's about enhancing it. By automating routine processes, you can free up time to nurture relationships, build donor trust, and create lasting partnerships. In doing so, you can refocus energy on the strategic, high-impact initiatives that drive your mission forward.


The statistics may be startling, but they serve as a wake-up call to the charity sector. To thrive and continue vital work, you must invest in efficiency through automation. By optimising your operations, you can ensure that every minute spent contributes significantly to your mission's success. As you embrace automation, you can look forward to a future where your resources are maximised and your impact knows no bounds.

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