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Diverse Ways Charities Can Address the Cost of Living Crisis

In the face of the ongoing cost of living crisis, the struggles individuals and families face create a ripple effect that also impacts charity income.


To create sustainable change, fundraisers need to reimagine the ways to enable support. Let's explore different forms of giving that charities can offer, empowering those affected by the cost-of-living crisis to contribute and make a difference.

Lottery for a Cause:

Introducing a lottery-based giving option provides an exciting avenue for individuals facing financial constraints to contribute. Donors can purchase lottery tickets, with a portion of the proceeds supporting your charity's initiatives. This not only turns giving into a potential win for the donor but also adds an element of excitement and inclusivity to the donation experience.


While large donations are always desirable, consider the impact of small-scale contributions. Micro-donation campaigns allow individuals to make small, potentially regular contributions that collectively make a significant impact. Whether setting up automated micro-donations or engaging in one-time micro-giving campaigns, this approach makes giving accessible to a broader audience, turning everyday transactions into meaningful contributions.

Consider launching a time-sensitive initiative framed as a challenge to engage your supporters and followers. Set an ambitious target, perhaps aiming for £1,000 within a specified time frame, while encouraging participation through minimal £1 donations. This sparks excitement and includes those struggling to donate more, transforming small contributions into a collective force for impact.

Round-Up Programs:

Round-up programs enable donors to make a difference through their everyday purchases. By rounding up their transactions to the nearest pound, individuals can effortlessly contribute the spare change to your charity. This small, consistent giving method accumulates over time, demonstrating the power of collective, incremental contributions.

Corporate Matched Donations:

Empower donors by partnering with corporate entities for matched donations to make a more significant impact with less. Collaborate with businesses willing to match donations, allowing individuals to give smaller amounts, knowing their contribution will be doubled. This stretches the impact of each donation and fosters a sense of shared responsibility between corporations and the community.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events:

Transform community fundraising events into peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives. Encourage individuals to create their fundraising pages, allowing them to rally their networks for support. Whether it's a charity run, a community market, or a creative campaign, these events promote collective giving and engagement, fostering a sense of unity in the face of the cost of living challenges.

By adopting diverse forms of giving, charities can increase their income whilst catering to different capacities and circumstances. By embracing innovative approaches, you expand your reach and create a more inclusive and resilient fundraising ecosystem, empowering everyone, regardless of their financial capacity, to contribute and make a meaningful impact.

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