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Beyond the transaction: My journey as a regular giver

For the past four years, I've been a regular giver to several charities that hold deep significance for myself and my family.


Setting up these monthly contributions was a breeze, and like clockwork, the funds quietly leave my account each month. Yet, as the strains of a cost-of-living crisis echo, I, like many, find myself evaluating where to trim expenses, and inevitably, these donations come under scrutiny.

The irony is palpable – charities still need my support, perhaps even more so now. However, amidst this ongoing commitment, there's a surprising silence. Beyond the automated transactions, I receive no monthly expressions of gratitude, no annual statements tallying my contributions, and no updates from the charities on why my continued support is crucial.

It's almost as if the charities fear engaging with donors, worried that any communication might serve as a reminder prompting cancellation. However, I'm well aware of my contributions; a little communication could foster a stronger relationship and keep them off the chopping block.

This leads to the question: why the silence? Is it a fear of cancellations, or are charities simply too time-starved to craft meaningful communications?

Generating an end-of-year statement for regular giving is a time-consuming task, involving data export, manual preparation, and merging data with email platforms. It begs the question – where is their time being spent? My suspicion lies in the time-consuming task of manually entering data into their CRM.

Enter automation – a solution that could revolutionise donor stewardship. With tools like hapi, charities could effortlessly set up personalised regular giving receipts, complete with donation values and impact updates. But the question remains – do they have the time and tools to embrace such advancements?

I won't harp on too much about hapi, but the essence of its creation is rooted in this very problem. At Dreamscape, we've observed charities' challenges in cultivating strong donor relationships amid time constraints and manual processes.

We understand the value of stewardship, and our suite of tools aims to assist charities in streamlining processes and improving donor retention. As low-value mass donations become more prevalent, the need for efficient donor management becomes paramount.

For those hesitant to overhaul their websites, we've designed a lite version that seamlessly integrates with existing sites. This tool empowers charities to set up donation pages, events, fundraising pages, and tributes, automating data flow into CRMs. We help you craft personalised email automations sent from you to your donors each month, enhancing communication without compromise.

Our goal is simple – to help charities boost their retention rates. The data speaks for itself: for every 100 donors gained, 100 are lost. Let us help you create a more resilient and engaged donor community

By Danielle Barrett

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