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Are your donors and gifts at risk?

As nonprofits increasingly rely on online platforms to engage donors and manage operations, ensuring the security of donor gifts and data has become paramount.


With cyber threats evolving rapidly, charity professionals and fundraisers must be vigilant in safeguarding sensitive information.

Cybersecurity Risks in the Nonprofit Landscape:

Charities are not immune to cyber threats; in fact, they often make prime targets due to the insecure platforms adopted and the valuable donor information they possess. From phishing attacks to ransomware, the risks are diverse and ever-present. Utilising platforms like WordPress or integrating open third-party plugins can inadvertently expose vulnerabilities, potentially compromising donor trust and financial stability.

Embracing Best Practices:

To mitigate these risks, nonprofits must look for digital platforms prioritising cybersecurity measures. For example, adhering to OWASP 10 compliance standards provides a robust framework for identifying and addressing common security flaws in web applications. Additionally, leveraging secure cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure architecture enhances data protection and resilience against cyber threats.

Achieving Compliance and Certification:

For platforms offering e-commerce functionality, PCI Level 4 SAQ A-EP certification is a must, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining secure payment processing systems and safeguarding donor financial information.

Hapi's compliance with this PCI standard, OWASP 10 and Azure architecture underscores its dedication to meeting the highest data security and compliance standards, instilling confidence in donors and stakeholders alike.

The Value Proposition:

Investing in cybersecurity not only protects donor gifts and data but also preserves the reputation and credibility of the organisation. By prioritising security measures, nonprofits can inspire trust among donors, fostering long-term relationships and ensuring sustainable funding streams.

Moving Forward:

As technology continues to advance, so too do the tactics of cybercriminals. Therefore, charity professionals and fundraisers must remain proactive in their approach to cybersecurity. By staying informed, implementing best practices, and partnering with trusted providers and platforms, nonprofits can uphold the integrity of their mission while safeguarding the interests of their donors. Together, let's build a more secure and resilient nonprofit sector.

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