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5 actionable insights for nonprofit success

Tomorrow's Donor, Today


Understanding and adapting to the shifting dynamics of donor behaviour is crucial for the sustained success of nonprofits.

Recently, the "Tomorrow's Donor, Today" research series, conducted by GOOD Agency, Eden Stanley, and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, has provided invaluable insights into the mindset of tomorrow's donors, particularly those aged 18–50. In this piece, we'll delve into five actionable takeaways from the research, offering practical strategies for enhancing donor engagement and maximising impact.

Focus on Audience-centred Engagement:

Central to effective donor engagement is the principle of putting your audience at the heart of your initiatives. Tailor your outreach efforts to resonate with the diverse demographics within your donor base. Utilise data segmentation to understand the unique preferences and motivations of different donor groups, enabling you to craft personalised and compelling messages that drive action.

Motivations for giving from Tomorrow's Donor, Today:

“It was in honour of something important to me”
“It was a group activity I wanted to join”

Make Giving Feel Positive, Sociable, Visible, and Easy:

Giving should be a seamless and enjoyable experience for donors. Create opportunities for giving that evoke positive emotions and foster a sense of community and belonging. Leverage social platforms to amplify the visibility of your fundraising efforts, allowing donors to share their contributions with their networks easily. Streamline the donation process through user-friendly interfaces and intuitive platforms, removing barriers and making giving a frictionless endeavour.

Motivations for giving from Tomorrow's Donor, Today:

“Donating gave me a feelgood moment”.
“The fundraising content emotionally moved me”.

Build Engagement with Younger Groups:

The future of philanthropy lies in cultivating relationships with younger generations. Invest in initiatives that resonate with this demographic, such as cause-related events, social media campaigns, and peer-to-peer fundraising. Engage younger donors through storytelling and immersive experiences that align with their values and aspirations. By fostering a sense of ownership and involvement, you can nurture long-term relationships with the philanthropists of tomorrow.

Motivations for giving from Tomorrow's Donor, Today:

“Someone I knew was fundraising and I wanted to support them”
“It was a chance to express my values or ethics”

Show Your Impact and the Unique Role You Play:

Transparency and accountability are paramount in building donor trust. Clearly articulate the impact of donations, illustrating the tangible difference they make in advancing your charity’s mission. Highlight the unique role that each donor plays in driving positive change, emphasising the value of their contribution beyond monetary terms. By showcasing success stories and outcomes, you instil confidence in donors and reinforce their connection to your cause.

Barriers for giving from Tomorrow's Donor, Today:

“It’s not clear how my donation would be used”
“I’ve seen no evidence that charities make a difference”
“Charities spend too much on overheads”

Invest in Digital Innovation:

In an increasingly digital world, embracing innovation is essential for staying relevant and effective. Leverage digital tools and technologies to enhance your fundraising efforts and expand your reach. Explore emerging platforms like hapi that enable you offer new forms of fundraising effortlessly to captivate donors' attention and inspire action. Embrace data analytics such as the FFT to gain insights into donor behaviour and preferences, enabling you to refine your strategies and optimise outcomes.

The insights gleaned from the "Tomorrow's Donor, Today" research offer a roadmap for nonprofits to navigate the complexities of donor engagement in the modern era. By prioritising audience-centred approaches, fostering positive giving experiences, engaging younger demographics, demonstrating impact, and embracing digital innovation, charities can cultivate meaningful relationships with donors and drive sustainable social change.

Download your copy of Tomorrow’s Donor, Today here: Part 2: Tomorrow's Donor, Today - GOOD Agency

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