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Through our collaborations with different charities, we understand the common challenge of staff turnover and the need for continuous website training.

For this reason, we have built a community that boasts over 300 instructional guides complete with videos and detailed explanations for configuring all the features of hapi.

With this invaluable resource, you never have to worry about training up a new team member again.

Browse through the directory and locate the relevant document. Should you need further assistance, our hapi team members are always available to help.

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We currently have over 300 instructional guides available on the hapi community.

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4 days

We will get back to you within four business days for any support requests.

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 hapi will be rolling out four major feature updates throughout the year.

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Cost to you


We would be happy to consider any new features you would like to see at no additional cost.

We strive to offer a comprehensive range of built-in features to support charitable organisations.

However, we understand that you may have unique ideas for your website.

That's why we have a simple process in place for submitting feature requests through our community. Our team will carefully review your request and ask any necessary questions.

If it's a significant update, we will also consult the community to see if they have any additional suggestions. For smaller updates, we will add them to our yearly roadmap.

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